Our Library is funded at less than 2/3 the national average for cities our size, impacting the system’s ability to scale services and fully address community challenges. LFPL needs increased annual investment in operating dollars to appropriately staff, stock, and maintain each library branch. 

We must work together to ensure equitable access to library resources for every citizen. This means removing barriers to services – such as limited hours – and ensuring every one of our 17 library buildings receives needed repairs and renovations. It means equipping each branch with the materials and technology required to support our community at a level that facilitates measurable impact. Most importantly, it means ensuring each location has the staff needed to provide services to citizens who come to the branch and those who access LFPL through outreach, such as daycares and senior living facilities. 


$1,000,000 to invest in books and materials.
LFPL must provide resources that meet the demands of our diverse community, particularly as more residents gain access to library resources through the elimination of fines and fees. With additional investment, LFPL can offer a current, balanced, relevant collection that effectively supports our residents.

$1,800,000 to invest in 22 additional LFPL staff.
This investment would expand hours at branches with limited hours and open the third floor at the Main Library (currently closed to the public.)


Community patronage helps libraries and citizens by encouraging engagement with library services, sharing information and resources, and helping secure much-needed funding. To assist, you can:

· Participate by visiting a library, using services, and sharing with your friends and family all LFPL has to offer.

· Advocate to your Louisville Metro Councilperson and tell them why public libraries matter to you and our community. Ask them to support this year’s public funding priorities.

· Donate to the Library Foundation.

Don’t know your state or local representatives? Meet them at the 2022 Café LOUIE. You can find the schedule and learn more at our Café LOUIE page.

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