Librarian Scholarhips

The Library Foundation provides financial assistance to Louisville Free Public Library employees who wish to pursue a master’s degree in library science. The Foundation established the Scholarship Program in 1999 to help educate future LFPL librarians to meet the community’s ongoing need for quality service and information.

Current (part-time and full-time) employees of the Louisville Free Public Library who have completed six (6) months of service are eligible to apply.

At the end of the fall 2015 semester, the Library Foundation had granted scholarships to 75 LFPL employees, for a total grant  amount of just over $800,000.

The Library Foundation - Scholarship Grads

Drew Joseph Bagby (Spring, 2014)
Seth Cohen (Summer, 2014)
Kelly Dunnagan (Spring, 2014)

Micah David Followay (Spring, 2015)
Sara Elizabeth Jones (Fall, 2015)
Magen Lee (Spring, 2015)
Stevie Skillman McKinney (Fall, 2013)

Sarah Easton-Miller (Spring, 2015)
Victoria Sachtleben (Spring, 2015)
Katherine Skaggs (Spring, 2015)
Natalie Woods (Spring, 2014)

Current Scholarship Recipients

Belinda Catman
Jeannie Eberenz
Terren Thomas
Tonya Swan
Erin Williams

To download the Foundation Scholarship Semester Expense Form, click here.

Current Scholarship Recipients

Click here to download program information. The Library Foundation is not currently accepting applications for the fall 2015 semester. Please check back in early 2016 or look for scholarship notices in Bookends. 

For more resources regarding librarian scholarships, contact the University of Kentucky, Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library, the Kentucky Library Association, and the American Library Association.