About the Campaign for the Northeast Regional Library

Public/private partnerships are vital to ensuring the realization of important projects like the proposed $17.8 million Northeast Regional Library. The Library Foundation is committed to raising $3.8 million to complement $14 million from Metro government and the state. 

The Foundation supported capital campaigns for both the Southwest Regional Library (opened 2014) and South Central Regional Library (opened July 2017). 

Since its founding in 1980, The Library Foundation has been dedicated to benefiting, promoting, supporting, and enhancing the programs and services of the Louisville Free Public Library. As such, The Library Foundation has played a pivotal role in all of the Master Facilities Plan projects. Your investments and gifts to the Foundation can be seen in the robust technology, the exciting variety of furnishings, and the rapid collection expansion. Donors to the Foundation have enabled projects to be exceptional, rather than just acceptable.

The Campaign Steering Committee for the Northeast Regional Library includes: Stephen C. Gault, Wallace H. Dunbar, Jim Blanton, Monty L. Boyd, Melanie McCoy, Stuart R. Steinbock, and Orme Wilson. Click here for the Foundation’s full board of directors.

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