Why Northeast?

The Louisville Free Public Library broke ground on the Northeast Regional Library on September 21, 2017 and construction is underway!

Demand for library services significantly outstrips available resources in this part of Jefferson County:

  • Northeast area is currently served by just 6.8% of LFPL’s square footage
  • Nearly 40% of residents are active library cardholders
  • Residents checked out about 25% of the entire LFPL system’s total annual circulation last fiscal year
  • The proposed Northeast Regional Library will more than double the square footage per person in this area
  • Located near the Northeast YMCA, U of L Shelby Campus, A.B. Sawyer Park,  70 independent cities and municipalities, and more than 50 schools

The Library Foundation - Nerl RegionalsThe Northeast Regional Library will be a hub for educational and community engagement and a cultural centerpiece in a thriving part of the city. It will provide convenient access to a vibrant community eager for improved library services, collaborative events, and robust programming.

 The completion of the Northeast Regional Library will fulfill the 2008 LFPL Master Facilities Plan’s“Suburban Crescent,” which, when including the Main Library, will provide a full-service library within 5 miles of 90% of Louisville residents. 

The LFPL regional library initiative has been highly successful, dramatically increasing available library materials and space. The completion of the Southwest Regional Library in 2014, and the opening of the South Central Regional Library in July 2017 demonstrate LFPL’s commitment to completing its Master Facilities Plan and providing exceptional services.


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