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What’s Your LFPL Story?

My granddaughter (Quinn) and I read 6000 books (Yes! 6000!) before Kindergarten. The Library has played a large role in us achieving that lofty goal. We visit the library regularly enjoying the wide variety of books. Quinn has enjoyed attending Story Time. The social interaction of Story Time has been good for her not to mention the intellectual and creative stimulation. The Library is a fun place for us to be!  I must confess that I have enjoyed learning through reading to her. It has been a great experience for the both of us. Something that I will always treasure. Thank you for being there for us!  – Cheryl 


Vocal community support helps libraries by encouraging engagement with library services, sharing information and resources, and helping secure much needed funding. We hope you will join us spreading the word about the impact libraries and librarians make every day.

Post photos, videos, or text on social media highlighting what you love about your library using #MyLFPLStory.  These personal stories energize our friends, neighbors, and government officials to support our libraries. Share your LFPL story with the Library Foundation to help get the word out by uploading it to our website here.

Participating in #MyLFPLStory is a quick, easy way to help your library thrive!

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