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Let The LFPL Help You With Your Resolutions

Setting your new year’s resolutions and goals for the new year? The Louisville Free Public Library can help you achieve those goals and become your own best self.

While LFPL is known for its robust children’s programming, there’s also extensive offerings for adults. And programs and resources available at LFPL are available free of charge to any person in our community — where else can you find that?

From events like the How-To Festival or the Code Louisville computer programming course, adults can explore new hobbies or launch a new career path. For instance, take LFPL’s own Sean Warwick, a PC Analyst, who earned his initial computer technician certification using only books he checked out from the library. Or, improve your physical wellbeing at Get Fit Lou at the Middletown Library in January.

You can also learn via online courses from Treehouse or From Photoshop and photography to mobile app development and business plans, there are hundreds of tutorials available from your home computer or at an LFPL location.

But these programs and online resources wouldn’t be available without the support of people just like you. People who value the library and the impact it has on our community, who know access to information is the gateway to knowledge. People who ask their friends, “What do you mean you don’t have a library card?”

It’s people just like you who support the Library Foundation. The Library Foundation makes more possible at LFPL by raising funds to support those programs and services that mean so much to our community.

As you make your resolutions for 2017, look to LFPL to help you reach them. And consider making a resolution to support these resources that mean so much to you by donating to the Library Foundation. You can learn more and donate at or by calling 574-1654.

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