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How does your library grow? With your support! Check out our spring appeal.

Spring is the season of renewal and growth.

If you’ve been hunkered down indoors all winter, Louisville’s newly blooming redbuds, dogwoods, and azaleas are a welcome sight. If you love to garden, you may be eager to get your hands into the dirt, planting peas or marigolds.

Whether you are an observer or a participant in the Kentuckiana spring, your Louisville Free Public Library can help you with that! You might check out a book to help you identify native plants and trees by sight. You can read a digital version of Gardening and Outdoor Living magazine. You could learn how to photograph your flowers as they grow or how to create a small business to sell your veggies, through programs such as the How-To Festival or via online courses from Treehouse or There are so many possibilities for learning!

While your library is helping you grow your knowledge, how can you help your library grow its resources? By supporting the Library Foundation!

You can learn just about anything at your library. And all programs and resources are available free of charge to any person in our community through contributions made to the Library Foundation. We need people like you to help maintain and grow the Library’s resources. Your gift to the Library Foundation today will help hundreds of valuable programs and services “bloom” year-round in our community.

Please help your library grow – make your gift today to support the Library Foundation.

Happy Spring!

Chandra Gordon
Executive Director

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